COMPANY DANZANTE .-                  Trainee Program 2016

Interview with Olivia Lou Jordan


As part our community outreach & engagement activities this April Company Danzante continues with its 3rd year of our Trainee Program.

This program serves as one of Company Danzante’s Arts Education Initiatives and gives students training at a pre-professional level the opportunity to work with professional artists in their community.

Olivia Lou Jordan, shares some of her personal experience through her creative process as our guest choreographer for this year’s trainee program:

CO/DA: Hi Olivia, how are you doing today?FullSizeRender 78

OLJ: I’m great! Thank you for asking.

CO/DA: What can you tell us about your work with the trainee program this year?

OLJ: It’s a piece pulled from real life feelings and experiences.

CO/DA: Is this a new choreography? How did you come up with the idea for this piece?

OLJ: Yes, It’s a brand new piece. I was first inspired to create a new work based on a couple of lyrics I heard in a song. “There’s a secret- I can feel it through the floor- cry out in helpless agony of broken memories and things I thought that I would never be.” Those words really sat with me and I couldn’t get them out of my head- it inspired me to create the movement. Then I randomly heard a new song called “Rise up” by Andra Day and I just knew I wanted to use it for this particular piece. I incorporated white flower petals in the piece to represent memories and people that you know you haveto let go of in order to move on in your life and survive the pain- in order to “Rise Up”.

FullSizeRender 76

CO/DA: What else can you tell us about your experience in participating as a choreographer with Company Danzante’s Trainee Program? How does this translate into your own experience as a creative artist?

OLJ: It was a wonderful and challenging experience. As a choreographer its always a challenge that what your own body can create doesn’t always translate to another dancers body- especially when they are young kids. I also knew going into it that my idea was a little mature for the age of the trainees-So I wanted to create it in a way that could be translated to all ages. Everyone experiences pain, even kids, so when I spoke with the trainees about expressing themselves through the movement in a “human way”- It was fun to try and create ideas and analogies that they could relate to.

About Company Danzante

Company Danzante is a professional repertory dance company based in Northern Virginia that presents contemporary dance by seasoned and emerging choreographers and performers of our time. Company Danzante’s goal is to promote excellence in contemporary dance with captivating dance productions and conceptual dance creations through an emphasis in the investigative creative process while supporting and nurturing the professional careers of passionate dance artists. Company Danzante serves the local community through engaging dance presentations, education programs, and outreach activities. 
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