Company Danzante Emerging Choreographer 2015

WWW.COMPANYDANZANTE.COMAs a part of our Emerging Choreographer Program, Company Danzante is supporting dancer Grace Ball in the creation of new work. This program is designed to create opportunities for young artists to have a chance to develop, explore, and investigate creative skills in choreography.  The following is a conversation between Grace and us about the process of creation.


CO/DA: Hi Grace, how long have you been a part of Company Danzante?

Grace: I have been dancing with Company Danzante since September of 2013. So about a year and a half now.

CO/DA: Today you have another rehearsal with the company. What are you working on?

Grace: Today I am working on my piece “meet cute”. We are in the process of exploring and learning phrases that will then translate into my choreography.24932819132_007b03f1f2_m

CO/DA: Tell me about your process? How do you develop the piece? How many dancers are you using? Which music did you choose?

Grace: My process is very thought out before any work in the studio actually begins. I generally have been listening to music and being inspired to create. From there comes the concepts and ides behind movement. I then go into the studio and start to move. I create phrases and develop them as I see them on my self and on dancers. Ill work in the studio with the music and begin developing the composition of the piece. I will be using four dancers give or take a few. The music I will be using is from various artists including: Arvo Part, Hildur Gudnadottir, and Ljova and the Kontraband.

CO/DA: Can you share more about your experience working in this program? When are you performing this work?

25024532106_613a633725_mI’ve really enjoyed working with the company. We are very much like a family so it feels very natural for me to work with them. It is also very helpful because I know their strengths and can utilize those to my advantage. I have also had the privilege of working with our apprentices. This has also been a great challenge because it has taught me a lot about what I need to do as a choreographer to encourage and pull out of dancers, that you don’t know, qualities of your own choreography. We will be having a work in progress show on April 25th at Adagio Ballet and Dance School.

CO/DA: We’re excited to see how it turns out. Thanks for having this conversation with us.


About Company Danzante

Company Danzante is a professional repertory dance company based in Northern Virginia that presents contemporary dance by seasoned and emerging choreographers and performers of our time. Company Danzante’s goal is to promote excellence in contemporary dance with captivating dance productions and conceptual dance creations through an emphasis in the investigative creative process while supporting and nurturing the professional careers of passionate dance artists. Company Danzante serves the local community through engaging dance presentations, education programs, and outreach activities. 
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