CO/DA’s Trainee Program 2015

As part of our community outreach & engagement activities this April, Company Danzante continues with it’s 2nd year of our Trainee Program.

This program is a part of Company Danzante’s Arts Education Initiative. This project is directed towards high school students who are interested in dance as a potential career path. They experience professional rehearsals with the company, as well as their own rehearsals for a work set on them by a guest choreographer.

We had a short conversation with Grace Ball, our guest choreographer for this year’s trainee program. This is the interview that we had with her.



CO/DA. Hi Grace, how are you doing today?

GB: Good, thanks

CO/DA: What can you tell us about your work with the trainee program this year?

GB: The work that I will be setting on the students is called Boundless. The piece was inspired by a quote from Kahlil Gibran “For that which is boundless in you abides in the mansions of the sky, whose door is the morning mist, and whose windows are the songs and the silences of night.”  There are no particular ideas or themes behind this piece. This piece is a celebration of movement and the dancers moving through space in a continuous and “boundless” way.

CO/DA: This is not a new choreography right? Where did you first set this piece?

GB: Yes, I originally choreographed this piece while at George Mason University in 2012. It was then performed in a student concert and then selected to be performed at American College Dance Festival.

CO/DA: What else can you tell us about your experience in participating as a choreographer with Company Danzante’s Trainee Program? How does this translate into your own experience as a creative artist?

GB: It has been such a joy being able to work with these students. For me dance is to give. And while performing or choreographing I am able to give not only to audiences but these students. These experiences are always such a great reminder as to why you dance and how you apply that to your performance and work in the studio.

CO/DA: What are your thoughts about the opportunity that is being given to these young students? How relevant do you think this experience is for them?

GB: I believe this is a very valuable experience. This process is the bread and butter of being a dancer; being in the studio and working with choreographers. Its learning how to adapt and explore. Learning how to apply your technique and voice to movement. These are invaluable skills that are so very important to students who not only wish to pursue a dance career but any career in any other field.

CO/DA: Good to have a chance to talk to you. Can you give us the details about when we can see the show?

GB: The show will be April 25th at 7pm.

Company Danzante will perform repertory by Grace Ball and new work by Arturo Garcia. The Danzante Trainees will also share the stage with Danzante, performing Grace’s work “Boundless”. Performance will be in Adagio Ballet’s Black Box Theater. Check out for more information.



About Company Danzante

Company Danzante is a professional repertory dance company based in Northern Virginia that presents contemporary dance by seasoned and emerging choreographers and performers of our time. Company Danzante’s goal is to promote excellence in contemporary dance with captivating dance productions and conceptual dance creations through an emphasis in the investigative creative process while supporting and nurturing the professional careers of passionate dance artists. Company Danzante serves the local community through engaging dance presentations, education programs, and outreach activities. 
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