Emerging Choreographer Program 2013-2014

As a part of this program, Company Danzante is supporting dancer and choreographer Kyoko Ruch in the creation of new work. The following is a conversation between Kyoko and us about the process of creation.



CO/DA: Hi Kyoko how are you doing today?

Kyoko: Doing well thank you,

CO/DA:Today you have another rehearsal with the company. What are you working on?

Kyoko: I’m working on a piece, the working title is Grey/Grey.

CO/DA: Tell me a little bit more about your work.

Kyoko: I am exploring the human process of transition. Not every is black and white and grey/grey is an even more about complexities within even the grey areas. It’s an event, the way I look at choreography, it has to be an event. The dancers sort of start in their own world and navigate their way through it. That’s the basic idea, I haven’t finished it yet, so I don’t know how it will develop.



CO/DA: So how do you feel about this residence program with Company Danzante?

Kyoko: We’ve been working together for about a year now, with some new additions,  but I think it’s good to work with a group that knows each other and is cohesive because the process is expedited. And it’s just easier to work with people you already know because you know how they work, their strengths, and then being able to push is each other is great.

CO/DA: We’re excited to see how it turns out. Thanks for having this conversation with us.



About Company Danzante

Company Danzante is a professional repertory dance company based in Northern Virginia that presents contemporary dance by seasoned and emerging choreographers and performers of our time. Company Danzante’s goal is to promote excellence in contemporary dance with captivating dance productions and conceptual dance creations through an emphasis in the investigative creative process while supporting and nurturing the professional careers of passionate dance artists. Company Danzante serves the local community through engaging dance presentations, education programs, and outreach activities. 
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